My 2011 Garden


There is a lot of information on this blog, and I encourage everyone to read and learn as much as they can.  I know there are some readers out there who aren't newbie gardeners and so for them, I have created this page.  This is my quick reference link to everything that is growing on in my garden.  My triumphs, my fails, and basically just a look into my garden journal.  Enjoy!

The Sequence of Events

I Started a Garden
My Garden Design
4.18.11 Update: I've Got Sprouts!
My Raised Garden Bed
Planting Day
You Are Going to Fail
The First Fruits (of my labor)
6.17.11 Update: What's Growing On
30 Minutes Every Day
6.26.11 Update: A Lovely Surprise

Growth Charts (Click photo to enlarge)





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