Garden Update: I've Got Sprouts!


I am a proud mama!  It's funny to see how excited I get when I notice my little veggies growing so big and tall!  I have had a few bumps in the road:

  1. A few of my "crops" have sprouted, grown really big, then out of nowhere, shriveled up and died!  I don't know what happend to them, but it happened to 4 broccoli plants, 2 lettuce plants, 3 spinach plants, and 2 pea plants!  If anyone is a plant doctor, please diagnose my problem?
  2. Some of my plants still aren't sprouting...  *Ahem* Bell Peppers *ahem...*
A few weeks ago, I did a little plant surgery on those that hadn't started sprouting yet.  I basically knocked each plant out of it's peat pot and opened up the soil ball to see if there was anything growing in there.  Nope.  So I replanted a few new seeds in each pot.  Today, most of my veggies have at least broken the surface of the soil, and others, like the radishes are succeeding all other crops!

Seriously though, my bell peppers also are giving me grief.  I googled it, and apparently they are REALLY hard to grow from seeds.  So I did surgery on them as well.  Four of the plants had sprouts in the soil, so I decided to keep them, but I'm growing 8 new plants from seeds.  I decided this time that rather than sow the seeds directly into the soil, I was going to practice the 4th grade petri dish (i.e. Ziploc storage container) method.  Basically I put a wet paper towel in a clear container, put my seeds on top, and am now waiting for them to germinate.

I'm planning on doing extensive surgery on my carrots today.  Hopefully they are just late bloomers...  because I'm getting hungry and don't want to keep having to start these things over.

In the mean time, here's a quick look at everything that IS growing...  Pretty soon, they will all be ready to go into their new home - my lovely garden bed!




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