Garden Update: What's Growing On


My little garden bed sure has a lot of green in it!  I took some pictures of it this afternoon, and just thought I would share the progress.  I'm really surprised by how well everything is doing considering the 105 temperatures we've been having!  Despite the heat, the raised bed is really great at holding water! 

Since I sowed my first set of seeds, I have watered twice a day.  Once I put the plants into the soil, I was still watering twice a day.  When the peas started to go sour, I noticed the Spinach as well as the Tomatoes didn't look too good.  The Spinach leaves were turning yellow and drying out, and the Tomato leaves were curling upwards and drying out.  Both were sure signs of over-watering.  So I completely stopped watering and have just let the sprinklers handle it.  I keep considering installing a drip irrigation system, but I'm not sure I'll actually need it.

The smaller containers in the bed are holding more seedlings.  There are remaining 5 bell pepper seedlings,  8 more spinach plants, 9 more lettuce plants and 16 more radish starts.

How's your garden doing?


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