I Started A Garden


I was at CVS this morning and saw that they have an entire isle dedicated to garden supplies.  It must be spring because the weather right now is so beautiful!  I decided to pick up some seeds and some Jiffy pots - small cups made out of peat moss that are great for seed starting.  I then went to the dollar store and got some containers to hold my pots.

I got so excited that I went to my local nursery to purchase some seed starting soil.  I spent almost two hours at the nursery just "browsing" and enjoying the so-warm-I'm-wearing-a-t-shirt-and-shorts sunshine.  I believe gardening is an excuse for grownups to play in the dir), and I imagined what my future front and back yards would look like.  There will be lots of green, lots of trees, and lots of beautiful, colorful flowers.  As well as cobblestone walkways, and climbing ivy's

So I got started, and mission accomplished!  I sowed my very own vegetable garden!  I'm planting a few weeks late, but the thought of fresh vegetables was too good to pass up.  So there "well-if-I'm-late-I-don't-even-want-to-do-it" attitude!  I took charge and hopefully won't get docked to harshly for my tardiness.  It will takes a few weeks to get some sprouts, so in the meantime I'm working on building a big planter, so I can add some fruit plants... Yum!

My Grandpa's Garden


When I was little, my grandparents lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My grandparent's house was amazing. For kids who grew up in apartments, in the desert, it was like a dream. The backyard rested on about 1/2 acre of land. There was grass, hills, big trees to climb, and tons of bushes and shrubberies to play in and hide behind! On one side of the house, the side with the big red wooden gate, my grandparents kept ample amounts of firewood, a wheelbarrow, and a table to clean the fish we would catch on our camping trips. On the other side, my grandpa had a vegetable garden.

I don't remember everything he grew, but I remember there were tomatoes and radishes. Like most kids, I didn't like tomatoes, so I never ate them, but I loved the radishes! They were small and crunchy and spicy, and the perfect treat after running through the sprinklers. What do I remember most about this garden? The way it smelled. Nestled between large pine trees and the house, my grandpa would use fallen pine needles and grass clippings as mulch. I remember the way it smelled after a good watering. To this day I can smell it.

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